Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Vedic Sangamis committed to acting with utmost care in safeguarding your privacy. Kindly read the following very carefully.

  1. Your personal data

Vedic Sangamcollect a few details from you (name, email address, postal address, phone number, etc.) while setting up a free account with us. This registration is required when you place an order with us.  However, registration is not mandatory for browsing other sections of

These data will be used to serve you better by way order placement, tracking, payment, despatch, etc. we would also use the details while informing of new releases, offers, services, updates, etc. we will not disclose or sell these data to others. However, if the competent law enforcement authorities Vedic Sangamhave physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect personal information demand, the data would be disclosed.

Essentially all data collected by us are voluntary in nature and shall be used to improve our site.

  1. Data analysis

We would also use the data for analysing the demographic and profile patterns of activities. We may also encourage you to participate in our online survey but that this is purely optional. We shall use these data for research, product packages and advertisement purposes only. You have the option to opt-out of receiving such promotional communications any time.

  1. Cookies

We use cookies, the tiny alpha-numerical inputs to our hard disk in identifying you quickly. We shall request you to allow us to use cookies and this will in no way affect your privacy adversely.

  1. General terms and conditions

It shall be construed as acceptance when you sign in with that you accept our general terms and conditions explicitly. You shall be responsible for the safe custody of user ID, password and other personal information from intruders.

  1. Contents management

All the contents posted on our website ( shall be the proprietary of Vedic Sangam.

You agree that any Content you post may be used by, consistent with our Privacy Policy and Rules of Conduct on Site as mentioned herein, and you are not entitled to any payment or other compensation for such use. It is explicitly understood that the contents shall be in compliance with our privacy policy.

  1. Proprietary

Any distribution, reproducing, use of our copyrighted material, trademarks is prohibited without our written consent.  Vedic Sangam at its discretion shall analyse the infringement aspect seriously.

Links website may contain outside links as well. Using these is only in advisory capacity and shall not legally bind us in any way.

  1. Applicable Law

This privacy policy is governed by the law of the land. The Jurisdiction shall be Delhi, India. And this covers trademarks, copyrights, restrictions, contents, etc.

  1. Risk of loss

 Items purchased from Vedic Sangamare governed by the shipment or courier contract. Upon delivery to you, the liability of Vedic Sangamis deemed to be over, that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

  1. Terms and condition

By using the site of Vedic Sangam, you explicitly agree and abide by our General and specific terms and conditions

  1. Revisions

Vedic Sangamreserves the right to revise the private policy based on our business models, applicable laws as well as technological advancements. These changes shall be published from time to time at our website and will supersede all earlier policies

  1. Public postings

We shall in no way be held responsible for your disclosing certain information in our site by way of chat, blog or opinion. These details may use by others.

  1. Attack from hackers

We take utmost care in thwarting outsiders, hackers, and sniffers in entering into our website; however in case any intrusion occurs in spite of our best efforts, we shall not be held responsible for the loss of your private data.

  1. Interactions, interpolations, and communications

Visitors and members are encouraged to submit feedbacks, opinions, ideas, and suggestion, etc. at any time. However all illegal activities, obscene conversations, and as well as defamatory is totally not acceptable on our website. Such activities shall be reported to law enforcing agencies for further actions. Visitors are also required to use correct email address etc.

You can contact us to know more about our privacy policy.